In the beginning was the joke.
And the joke was funny.
But man, in his foolishness, sought to improve upon the joke.
He added characterisation, and artwork, and story.
And man became so obsessed with characterisation and artwork and story that he lost sight of the joke that had been the start of them all, and without which, characterisation and artwork and story were worthless.
And the joke shrank to nothing, and all that was left was a characterisation, and artwork, and story, which on their own are not funny at all.
But then came a man.
He realised the truth: that characterisation and artwork and story, though worthwhile, were just the icing on the cake, and that the joke was more important than characterisation and artwork and story put together.
And though he knew he couldn't do characterisation, or artwork, or story...
...he knew he could do jokes.
And he knew that that was enough.
This is his comic.

the joke is everything