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I also intended to one day make a banner which cycled through the following phrases:

Keenspace blurb

You're allowed to write a short description of your comic for its entry in the Keenspace comics listing. Here's the one I originally wrote for StickManStickMan:

Probably one of the best-drawn comics ever to reach the internet, StickManStickMan is the epic, ongoing saga of two as yet unnamed stickmen who ricochet madly from one chaotic adventure to another across the infinite canvas of time, space, pizza and Quake. One of them is the Chosen One, having ultimate power over all vidoegames, the other is his long-suffering voice of reason. Together, they save the world as many as six times every day!

Much later, as the comic was drawing to a close, I changed the blurb to this:

Since the comic began, our protagonists have gained superhuman videogaming powers, usurped alien emperors, blown up the Moon and saved the Earth a dozen times over. But now the thousand-comic cycle of StickManStickMan is coming to an end, and they must face their greatest challenge ever. 679 years have passed, and Guy Mienczakowski's true destiny has revealed itself. Can he use all his experience and skills to face down and defeat the single most powerful being ever to exist? Can the One triumph over Zero? Or will it be Game Over for the entire universe and everybody in it? A quintillion lives are on the line...

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These went up inside the <title> tags. Some were never used.